We strive for excellence by way of brilliant customer service, efficiency, and reliability. We hope to count you among our many valued, satisfied customers:

FABULOUS!!!!!!! You guys are the absolute best! Love working with you...
— --- Client 10/2018
First, thanks again for helping out with finding recruitment for [our client] last month. We were able to find everything we needed and respond to the Department of Labor ahead of the deadline! Thanks for saving the day.
— Client 8/2018
I have been doing PERM for 16 years and have been working with another vendor for most of that time. I started working with [] this week and I must tell you that she is fabulous!
— Client 10/2016
You and your team are amazing and your efforts deserve rewards!
— Client 4/2016
I love working with you guys.  You are just so cool!!!!!!!!!!!
— Media Representative 12/2013
…is positively amazing. She is always super helpful, prompt, understanding, etc. (I could go on and on.)  I truly feel like she is a credit to your organization.
— Client 10/2013
As you know, most PERM cases require newspaper advertisements, and I told [] about the wonderful services HQO offers in placing ads, providing tearsheets, and capturing the Monster screenshots. She may be reaching out to you soon to assist her with her clients’ ads.
— Client 5/2013
We value our relationship with HQO as well; you do a great job for us.
— Client 2/2013
We appreciate the efforts HQO puts forth in tracking our ads for our PERM cases.
— Client 10/2012
Thanks so much for negotiating a better deal. This will certiainly help the client appreciate the services we provide :)
— Client 6/2011
thanks so much for all your efforts – it’s just soooooo much easier working with you than prior advertising agents!!!!  :)
— Client 2/2010
I’ve loved your service, and although assistance with PERM recruiting is rare around here, I anticipate that [our firm] will keep using you when they do have to do recruitment.
— Client 12/2009