HQO Advertising keeps PERM recruitment simple for you. Our agency strives to always work smarter, maximize efficiency and communicate effectively. To that end, we seek out the best technology available in the ever-changing world of data management. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your PERM recruitment while investing the least amount of your time in the process.


Our most recent adoption is a work management platform called Smartsheet that we use for client projects. The result is a streamlined workflow for us and enhanced collaboration opportunities for our customers.

Using Smartsheet, we can securely share with our customers a live report of their orders — displaying the status of each component of a current order and allowing access to corresponding documentation.

Track the progress of your PERM recruitment order with complete details and documentation all in one place.

Track the progress of your PERM recruitment order with complete details and documentation all in one place.


From the very beginning of HQO Advertising, we knew that an automated system that captures daily screenshots of online postings would be an essential tool for our clients.

We named our proprietary webtool AdQatcher. With AdQatcher, we are able to get unbroken, quality images of jobsite postings. Our ad managers capture manual screenshot print-outs on the first & last days of posting, but if you need additional captures within the duration of the posting period, we can provide these from AdQatcher’s database.

AdQ example 2.jpg

Screenshots are saved as high quality jpg files and are formatted with a top and bottom banner including the date/time stamp of the capture as well as the complete URL of the posting.

Sometimes bad things happen to online postings, but AdQatcher can help.

In the rare event that a posting is corrupted or prematurely removed by a site, we can use AdQatcher to identify the precise day this occurred and provide the final day’s screenshot. With this information, we can establish the total number of consecutive days of the posting — often ensuring that the posting is still usable for the recruitment.